10 Techniques to Attract UK Online Traffic through SEO

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10 Techniques to Attract UK Online Traffic through SEO

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This is a quick guide on how to get traffic from UK. Here it is.

Make pages with rich and helpful content

Perhaps the most important consideration that must be put in mind when trying to dominate search engine results is by making sure that you have high-quality contents. In other words, your web pages must be useful to your target audience. Your web pages must have informative articles which are highly organized and with minimal SEO keywords. Overstuffed articles actually look cheap and desperate, so stay away from keyword overstuffing. It is also advised that your articles per page must be no less than 500 words, and they must be divided into sections for easy and comfortable reading.

Establish friendly links with related websites

It is also smart to list down websites with .co.uk extensions which are somehow related to your niche. Creating links with these websites will help you out a lot in improving your rankings. Basically, you can post constructive comments in their blogs and web pages, and you can ask them to do the same to yours. This will establish a kind of symbiotic relationship between your web pages. When posting comments to a friendly website, make sure that you do not copy-paste existing comments (this is very bad for you and your business). Also remember to add links to your webpage to maximize web visibility.

Keywords in the page title 

Every page needs to have titles, and one or two keywords. One way of maximizing the effectiveness of SEO is by making sure that your title has all the keywords of a particular page. Remember, however, that your title needs to be brief.

Keywords in the URL

The keywords need also to be mentioned in the page URL. There are two ways to do this: by putting the keyword or keywords in the directory structure, or the page (HTML file) name itself.

Keywords in the Meta Tags

Meta tags used to be important. Nowadays, search engines have largely lessened the weight of the roles of meta tags in your search. Basically, meta tags or meta data are short descriptions of a specific web pages. While it may be true that they are no longer as important as they used to be, it cannot be denied that they still somehow matter. A carefully and intelligently created meta tag (with a maximum of 150 characters) will be able to improve your pages’ visibility.

Keywords in the Headers

Besides the title, you also need to put the so-called header text (H1 text). The H1 serves two important purposes: first, it gives that atmosphere of organization in your article; and, more importantly, it becomes easily identifiable b the each engines. Search engine, by the way, categorize and index web pages principally through the H1 text.

Keywords in the Content Body

In the body of the article, you need to mention your keyword or keywords several times. However, the overuse of keywords is vey bad. Search engines nowadays consider keyword overstuffing as cheating. That being said, it is wise to limit the use of keywords between 4-6 or 10-12 times. Some SEO authorities today even advise against the use of keywords in the body of your page.

Image Keyword Optimization

Images are also indexed by search engines. As such, make sure to also optimize your images. You can do this by putting certain SEO keywords on your pictures’ ALT ext.

CTA Buttons

The Call-to-Action icon is a special icon that you need to put on top of your web pages (including your blogs). But, first, What is Call-to-Action (CTA)? The purpose of the CTA is quite diverse. However, we can summarize it into a few words: CTA is meant to encourage the visitors of a page to perform an action in favor of your webpage. CTAs actually also aid in SEO optimization; your web page has a bigger chance of making it to the top three of the search engines if it has internal links to specific landing pages.

.co.uk Inbound Links

Another way of improving your ranking in the search engines is by getting reliable inbound links to your website. If you are targeting UK-based traffic, you may want to increase the number of .co.uk links. This will not help your rankings in international search engines, but this will definitely put you on top in the google.com.uk. The same principle applies if you target other countries.


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